Radio-inactive: Are we in Danger from North Korea?

The demilitarized trio heat check the claim that North Korea “successfully” tested a hydrogen bomb.  Kim Jong Un might be a tad bit too boastful as seizmic readings show the earth didn’t exactly move for his thermonuclear test.  Raj has been reading a lot of Jacobin magazine, and believes that North Korea will poison the […]

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Men Are Useful, Am I right Ladies? Sexual Selection Enhances Genetic Fitness

The three pod-men mansplain why the male gender is necessary for survival. Scientists show that when female beetles select mates from sword-fighting males, their offspring survive incest the longest! Also, Raj argues he would have given Kate Middleton stronger kids than Prince William, Jono points out that the Beatles are as good as beetles for […]

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Split Second: Quantum Time Travel

Is knowledge power?  Well it seems to control the quantum states of helium atoms.  The three McFlys debate the nature of matter and time on a quantum scale with their favorite frame of reference: the NBA!  Raj’s negligence may have killed Schrödinger’s turtle. Jono thinks quantum states are controlled by an Orwellian government, and Joe […]

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