Monkeying Around with the Sexes: Are Gender Roles Genetic?

Listen up boys and girls! In the coolest science project since we threw a monkey in to space, a lab gave dolls and trucks to baby monkeys, and they preferentially chose toys according to human gender stereotypes. Raj proposes his “girls are dumb” hypothesis, which isn’t as sexist as it sounds. Jono renames genetic spandrels […]

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Word To Your Mother Tongue: Ultraconserved Words

The lexical triumverate spit some diction fromĀ all seven language families. Speaking of families, ‘mother’ is a common word but father is a cross-cultural rolling stone. Raj tries to take credit for everyone’s language on behalf of South Indians. Jono predicts that most new word meanings will be created by autocorrect, and Joe preaches the life […]

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