Split Second: Quantum Time Travel

Is knowledge power?  Well it seems to control the quantum states of helium atoms.  The three McFlys debate the nature of matter and time on a quantum scale with their favorite frame of reference: the NBA!  Raj’s negligence may have killed Schrödinger’s turtle. Jono thinks quantum states are controlled by an Orwellian government, and Joe […]

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Santa’s Olfactory Workers: Smell & Sound influence Holiday Shopping

The three wise men travel across the internet bringing gifts of Christmas Science!  Baby Jesus has blessed the study of an expert on retail environments, who demonstrates how the Christmas music and scents in shops will turn the yule tide into profits.  Raj touts the range of Christian recording artist Amy Grant.  Jono speculates on […]

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Science of Star Wars Ep 3! “Sith Happens”

War! What is it good for?  Killing younglings! The Science of the republic is crumbling under attacks by the ruthless podcast lords: It’s Revenge of the Sith!  Raj points out that lava would make Darth Vader less burned and more exploded.  Jono diagnoses the yellow-eyed sith with hepatitis, and Joe might have a greater will […]

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The Birds & The Biebs – Polyspermy in Birds

  There is a nest full of silliness when the three egg-heads talk about bird sperm.  It turns out bird eggs are healthier when fertilized by more that one sperm, and females can actively control it! Raj reveals the morbid source of finch seed, Jono failed the written test for sperm donation, and Joe giggles […]

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BONUS: Science of Star Wars Episode 2 – Much Ado About Clones

There is unrest in the galactic audience, as the Separatist Podcasters declare the war on the science of Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones! There is a dearth of Darth science throughout the film, especially the romance between Anakin and Padme, who have NO CHEMISTRY (let alone biology or physics). Raj explains why […]

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Tortoise & The Hectare – The Monetary Value of Nature

The bio-metric trio parcel apart the study that quantified the economic value of nature to be $125-145 TRILLION. But before you create a Kickstarter campaign, it might not be for sale. Raj shorts the stock on the kale boom. Jono wonders how much aliens will be impressed by our moon flag, and Joe proposes a […]

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BONUS: Science of Star Wars Episode 1 – The Prequel Menace

Turmoil has engulfed the galactic podcast, as the greedy George Lucas made windfall profits from The Phantom Menace despite the banal plot. The introduction of a new villain: bureaucracy, has put a taxation on attention spans of viewers throughout the galaxy. Raj disparages the minstrel-esque qualities of the Gungans and geisha “disguise” of Queen Amidala. […]

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