Split Second: Quantum Time Travel

Is knowledge power?  Well it seems to control the quantum states of helium atoms.  The three McFlys debate the nature of matter and time on a quantum scale with their favorite frame of reference: the NBA!  Raj’s negligence may have killed Schrödinger’s turtle. Jono thinks quantum states are controlled by an Orwellian government, and Joe […]

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BONUS: Science of Star Wars Episode 1 – The Prequel Menace

Turmoil has engulfed the galactic podcast, as the greedy George Lucas made windfall profits from The Phantom Menace despite the banal plot. The introduction of a new villain: bureaucracy, has put a taxation on attention spans of viewers throughout the galaxy. Raj disparages the minstrel-esque qualities of the Gungans and geisha “disguise” of Queen Amidala. […]

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