Quantum Leap of Faith

In this highly convoluted episode, the triad of destiny attempt to deconvolute quantum teleportation. Joe is curious to explore whether there are other Joes in the multiverse, Raj boils down quantum entanglement as best explained in GI Joe, and Jono finally figures out the best pick-up line for computer programmers. The Paper: “Deterministic quantum teleportation […]

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Google, Are You Making Me Dumb?

In this episode the great triumvirate discuss how memory storage is increasing in the cloud and decreasing in our cranium. Humans are outsourcing their knowledge to the internet and the only memories that will remain are our logins and grandmother’s maiden name. Or, in Jono’s case – his signature show opener. Raj explains why the internet made […]

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Attack of the Killer Pizza Boxes

An alarming study shows potentially harmful chemicals in our Pizza boxes! Is recycling the root of all cancer? Raj, Jono and Joe discuss how much cancer it would take to make them quit pizza. The Paper: “Chemical analysis and genotoxicological safety assessment of paper and paperboard used for food packaging” (Ozaki et al., 2004) Listen to […]

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I Crow What You Did Last Summer

The science boys are back to discuss the terrifying fact that Crows can recognize human faces. Don’t ever pull a prank on crows or you’ll be creating an enemy for life. Joe wonders if crows are racist; Raj may or may not be bad with faces, and Jono’s dad is in trouble. The Paper: “Lasting recognition […]

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