BONUS: Science of Star Wars Episode 1 – The Prequel Menace

Turmoil has engulfed the galactic podcast, as the greedy George Lucas made windfall profits from The Phantom Menace despite the banal plot. The introduction of a new villain: bureaucracy, has put a taxation on attention spans of viewers throughout the galaxy. Raj disparages the minstrel-esque qualities of the Gungans and geisha “disguise” of Queen Amidala. […]

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Ep. 58 Protect Ya Neuron (Possible cure for Parkinson’s)

The great triumvirate breakdown a breakthrough in Parkinson’s Disease treatment. Using a Trojan horse/Berlin airdrop method, helpful proteins repair and protect neurons! Raj describes the experiment as a rodent American Gladiator. Jono has an insecure compulsion to prove he still knows neural dopaminergic pathways, and Joe will cure his hand tremors with snake oil (also […]

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