Royally Screwed

The three knights of the technically round podcast table dig up some royal genetic gossip after the remains of Richard III were discovered under a parking structure in England.  That’s right, the Brits paved Richard III’s paradise, and then put up a parking lot.  Analysis of his skeleton implicates the royal family in some extra-marital […]

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Natural Born Racists

The three race apologists parse the fact that babies have in-group racial bias. Babies as young as 15 months understand fairness yet enable a distribution of wealth so racist you’d think they worked on Wall Street. Raj explains the backlash against affirmative action. Jono identifies bi-racial babies as our superior, while Joe plans to teach […]

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Neanderthals Weren’t So Thick-Skulled

The homo pod-sapiens crack open neanderthals’ giant skulls to show that despite their bigger brain they may not have been smarter than humans. Raj explains evolutionary bottlenecks and speculates that Germany’s first genocide may have happened 100,000 years ago. Joe contends that Neanderthals are the Bill Russell of hominids, while Jono reveals that humans defeated […]

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