Radio-inactive: Are we in Danger from North Korea?

The demilitarized trio heat check the claim that North Korea “successfully” tested a hydrogen bomb.  Kim Jong Un might be a tad bit too boastful as seizmic readings show the earth didn’t exactly move for his thermonuclear test.  Raj has been reading a lot of Jacobin magazine, and believes that North Korea will poison the […]

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Modern Alchemy: Why Are We Making New Elements?

The three noble gaseous podcasters reveal that the seventh period of the periodic table has been filled with four new elements, and their names are almost UN-comprehensible. Some scientist fired protons at a wall for five years to create an element that lasted less than one-thousandth of a second.  Raj throws shade at tainted drinking […]

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Monkeying Around with the Sexes: Are Gender Roles Genetic?

Listen up boys and girls! In the coolest science project since we threw a monkey in to space, a lab gave dolls and trucks to baby monkeys, and they preferentially chose toys according to human gender stereotypes. Raj proposes his “girls are dumb” hypothesis, which isn’t as sexist as it sounds. Jono renames genetic spandrels […]

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Word To Your Mother Tongue: Ultraconserved Words

The lexical triumverate spit some diction from all seven language families. Speaking of families, ‘mother’ is a common word but father is a cross-cultural rolling stone. Raj tries to take credit for everyone’s language on behalf of South Indians. Jono predicts that most new word meanings will be created by autocorrect, and Joe preaches the life […]

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The Science of Star Wars: The Force Awakens!

Luke Skywalker has vanished! Thankfully every other plot device in the universe is in plain sight. The three Skype-walkers connect from across the continent to remind you not to sleep on The Force Awakens! Raj throws shade on the physics of Starkiller Base with laser accuracy. Jono explains how the rise of the First Order […]

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Men Are Useful, Am I right Ladies? Sexual Selection Enhances Genetic Fitness

The three pod-men mansplain why the male gender is necessary for survival. Scientists show that when female beetles select mates from sword-fighting males, their offspring survive incest the longest! Also, Raj argues he would have given Kate Middleton stronger kids than Prince William, Jono points out that the Beatles are as good as beetles for […]

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