Ep #47 – Punch Drunk Face

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.”  -Mike Tyson Get this through your thickened skull: human faces evolved to take a punch!  Human facial bone structure developed “protective buttressing” which is the wussiest way to describe the effects of fist fights.  The three podcast pansies discuss how they have never been […]

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Ep #46 – Goldilocks and The Three Planets (Identification of Kepler 452B)

The three stargazers welcome their first guest and bonafide physics writer Calla Cofield (Space.com) to talk about the identification of earth-like planets 14,000 light years away.  Calla discusses Kepler 452b and its prospects as a habitable planet, Raj confesses he wrote angsty sci-fi short stories as a youth, Jono Skypes in from outer space to […]

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Ep #44 – Designing Children

Listen up Mudbloods!  There is a new morally dubious technique to genetically modify embryos, and spoiler: it doesn’t work well.  Raj explains how the CRISPR/Cas9 method of editing the genetic code fails harder than the fences at Jurassic Park.  Jono hopes the future genetically pure race of super humans will be smart enough to understand […]

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