Modern Alchemy: Why Are We Making New Elements?

The three noble gaseous podcasters reveal that the seventh period of the periodic table has been filled with four new elements, and their names are almost UN-comprehensible. Some scientist fired protons at a wall for five years to create an element that lasted less than one-thousandth of a second.  Raj throws shade at tainted drinking […]

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Monkeying Around with the Sexes: Are Gender Roles Genetic?

Listen up boys and girls! In the coolest science project since we threw a monkey in to space, a lab gave dolls and trucks to baby monkeys, and they preferentially chose toys according to human gender stereotypes. Raj proposes his “girls are dumb” hypothesis, which isn’t as sexist as it sounds. Jono renames genetic spandrels […]

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The Birds & The Biebs – Polyspermy in Birds

  There is a nest full of silliness when the three egg-heads talk about bird sperm.  It turns out bird eggs are healthier when fertilized by more that one sperm, and females can actively control it! Raj reveals the morbid source of finch seed, Jono failed the written test for sperm donation, and Joe giggles […]

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Tortoise & The Hectare – The Monetary Value of Nature

The bio-metric trio parcel apart the study that quantified the economic value of nature to be $125-145 TRILLION. But before you create a Kickstarter campaign, it might not be for sale. Raj shorts the stock on the kale boom. Jono wonders how much aliens will be impressed by our moon flag, and Joe proposes a […]

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