Fads of Steel

As New Year’s Resolutions fade from view, the three Planet Fitness members discuss exercise techniques; specifically Interval training vs. strength training.  Raj has lost 6 LBs since the new year (on his quest for 20), Jono once got a hernia from doing “Eight-minute abs,” and Joe is currently hooked on the Soviet style of strength […]

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Live Free or Buy (U$ Policy)

Is our government truly of, by and for the people? Even more disturbing than the lizard people that influence public policy are the ultra rich humans. The three patriots discuss how much each vote costs and whether Raj is a secret communist. The Paper: “Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups, and Average Citizens” (Gilens, […]

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Asking For Love

The triamory discuss a study that used a series of questions to generate intimacy between total strangers, and come up with strategies for talking to people on a first date. Jono discusses his single life and why he’s emotionally unavailable, Raj cries at weird moments in film, and Joe asserts his dominance. The Paper: “The Experimental Generation […]

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Sex, Drugs, and Vocabulary

Today our terrific ternion discuss new findings that show learning new vocabulary stimulates the same reward centers as sex, drugs, and gambling.  They explore how evolution may have created advantages for people who learned more words, and then they go about learning new words themselves.  Joe experiments empirically by finally learning what the word “empirical” […]

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