Split Second: Quantum Time Travel

Is knowledge power?  Well it seems to control the quantum states of helium atoms.  The three McFlys debate the nature of matter and time on a quantum scale with their favorite frame of reference: the NBA!  Raj’s negligence may have killed Schrödinger’s turtle. Jono thinks quantum states are controlled by an Orwellian government, and Joe […]

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Ep #61: Proof of Alien Life? The Alien Super Structure

The Three Planeteers gaze up at the recent discovery of a possible alien superstructure on the #WTFstar. The irregular orbit and sun-stealing properites of this mysterious mass could be a cluster of comets or the Mr. Burns of the Universe. Raj laments that he was stripped of his PhD by a local arts magazine, Jono […]

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Big Bang is a Big Bust

The cosmological trinity discuss the paper that potentially disproves the creation of the universe by a “Big Bang”.  Joe doesn’t want to believe that there is Dark energy around us (because he’s an optimist), Raj is very pleased that scientists are Hindu, and Jono is excited that our universe is like Pac-Man. Take a listen! […]

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