Ep. 63: “Work To Death” – Long Hours Increases Chance of Stroke by 37%

Put down that work and get back to podcast listening! The three pod-ject managers explain that no one ever said “I wish I spent more time at the office” on their deathbed, because they probably keeled over at their desk from a stroke.  Raj warns of the epidemic of Karōshi (death from overwork) in Japan, […]

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Ep. 59 Red Scare: How Bacon Causes Cancer

The three podivores bite into the recent WHO (World Health Organization) report that red and processed meat causes cancer, though smoked ribs will never be as bad as smoked cigarettes. Raj brags about how healthy he is as a vegetarian who eats fried cheese. Jono complains that scientists don’t conduct enough experiments on prisoners. Joe, […]

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Ep. 58 Protect Ya Neuron (Possible cure for Parkinson’s)

The great triumvirate breakdown a breakthrough in Parkinson’s Disease treatment. Using a Trojan horse/Berlin airdrop method, helpful proteins repair and protect neurons! Raj describes the experiment as a rodent American Gladiator. Jono has an insecure compulsion to prove he still knows neural dopaminergic pathways, and Joe will cure his hand tremors with snake oil (also […]

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