Episode #42: The Secret Lies of Morning People

Wake up and smell the truth!  The sleepy trio fight off that “2:30 feeling” to reveal that morning people behave unethically at night!  Raj explains how Senate hearings should always happen in the morning.  Joe comes to terms with the fact that sleep deprivation gave him an ugly ailment, and Jono runs with the bulls […]

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Episode #41: Trolling For Sadists

Today we feed the trolls with a psychological study that reveals they are sadists. Raj explains how Donald Trump’s narcissism actually saves him from troll status, and Jono reveals how he terrorized the New Yorker caption contest. Joe describes how he was misdiagnosed in YouTube comments under his Conan set (where he talked about this very […]

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Episode #40: A Trunk To Lean On

Don’t be sad, the three pachyderms are back to talk about how elephants are good grief counselors.  Does this empathy mean elephants have souls?  Raj contends they are devotees of Ganesh, the Hindu Elephant god.  Jono explains why Bart Simpson was wise to acquire Stampy, and Joe almost gets us sued by Scientology. Listen the […]

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Episode 39: All Fracked Up

The three earth-shakers drill up a carefully worded study showing that fracking causes small earthquakes.  Raj gives the dirty details of extracting natural gas, Jono explains how the earth is a giant Brita filter, and Joe has a toxic attitude toward pollutants. Listen the frack up! (also available through iTunes): The Paper: “Incorporating Induced Seismicity […]

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Episode 38 – “Think Like a Woman, Talk Like a Man”

The three man-splainers discover the difference between hearing and listening, as men neurologically process women’s voices differently.  Raj digs himself a hole by talking about the science of women during their time of the month.  Joe doesn’t listen because he has a low dominant voice, and Jono is convinced he’s the deepest. Listen right here, […]

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