Big Bang is a Big Bust

The cosmological trinity discuss the paper that potentially disproves the creation of the universe by a “Big Bang”.  Joe doesn’t want to believe that there is Dark energy around us (because he’s an optimist), Raj is very pleased that scientists are Hindu, and Jono is excited that our universe is like Pac-Man. Take a listen! […]

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No Cure for Anti-Vaxxers

The contaminated trio innoculate listeners with the truth about vaccines. Unfortunately, people are immune.  Raj explains the self-perpetuating logic gap of the anti-vaxxer movement, we learn Jono ran a shadow government in high school, and Joe is worried about the future zombies we are creating with these shots. Listen …right… NOW! The Paper:  “Effective Messages in Vaccine […]

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What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Drunker

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, the three wise men serve up a shot of truth: People that drink alcohol live longer. Joe has a cool doctor who peer-review-pressured him into drinking more, Jono explains the difference between depression and a depressant, and Raj thinks alcohol’s role as social lubricant is the only real […]

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Contagion Station: Germs on the Subway

An exciting new paper mapped the DNA of every subway station in New York, creating a “genomic map” of the city.   The three card carrying MTA members discuss the crazy variety of findings – from traces of Tasmanian Devil to bacteria from Antartica.  Joe is two steps away from being a homeopath, while Raj admits […]

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Devil in a Blue (Or White) Dress

The three fashionistas respond to listener requests to settle the debate on what color is “The Dress”. Raj breaks down the stats and thinks it is a political scam, Jono is sad about the Chargers leaving for LA, Joe’s relationship is in jeopardy over the color of #thedress.   Listen to all our other great […]

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