Tripping the Light Fantastic

The terrific triumvirate travel back in time to talk about Isaac Newton and how he used prisms to discover the properties of light.  They explore the origins of modern scientific research, or as it is more affectionately described, “Battle Science”. Joe talks about how obsessed he is with Newton, Raj wonders if kaleidoscopes were 17th century […]

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Ep. 10 – Plight At the End of The Tunnel

The dream team discuss the phenomena of near death experiences, and why people who are dead can still have memories and are convinced of their “out-of-body” experiences. Meanwhile, Jono is convinced that he is smarter than neurosurgeons, Joe is convinced that Steph Curry is the best three-point shooter of all time, and Raj convinces everyone that they’re […]

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Ep. 9 – CSI: Mi-Mummy

The dynamic trio discuss a paper that retraces the last few days in the life of a South American mummy. Raj does his best impression of Sherlock Holmes to figure out how the mummy was murdered, Jono is concerned about what scientists would learn about his life if he were mummified, and Joe is confused how something can be […]

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Ep. 8 – A Pen is Mightier than the Scalpel

Expressive writing heals wounds! The big three discuss the health benefits of journaling and the merits of wounding old people for the purpose of research. Disclaimer: No old people were harmed in the recording of this episode. But they were definitely harmed in somewhere in New Zealand. The Paper: “Psychological Stress Impairs Early Wound Repair […]

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Ep. 7 – Living in an Immaterial World

In this episode, the dynamic trio discuss whether all of this is real, or if we are simply living in a simulation. Jono proposes that God is simply a fat nerd with a pretty sweet hard-drive. Raj reveals that he has many dead Facebook friends, which might hold the key to immortality. Joe is convinced that humanity will be extinct […]

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