BONUS: Science of Star Wars Episode 4 – A New Trope

Thirty-nine years ago on a sound stage far far away… George Lucas filmed Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope, a subtitle which no one would remember. The three pod-awans disturb the force and scrutinize the science of the film in less than 12 parsecs.

Raj notices the eco-friendly policies on the Death Star, Jono thinks Leia should be more skeptical of a “rescue” by a Skywalker, and Joe translates the interplanetary language dilemma (also available on iTunes).

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2 thoughts on “BONUS: Science of Star Wars Episode 4 – A New Trope

  1. When Vader walks of various small ships, why is there so much water vapour? Is just for effect or is there a scientific reason?


  2. Great question! That is almost certainly for effect. The same way spaceships exploding make sound [there is no atmosphere in space and hence no medium though which sound waves would travel]. But George Lucas didn’t create a sound and effects company to NOT use them in his films.
    However, one might see bursts of air/vapor on the OUTSIDE of a real spaceship, as they would be used to alter the course of the ship, specifically small movements when docking onto a space station.
    The only other explanation I can think of is that the docking ship would be altering the atmosphere of the boarded ship because Darth Vader’s breathing apparatus requires a certain level of humidity in the ambient air.


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