The Fox into the Hound

The adorable litter of podcasters tells the story of a crazy Soviet scientist who domesticated foxes through selective breeding. Raj (consumate beta-male) lets fear guide his hatred of dogs, and proves himself to be the most unlikeable host. Joe and Jono, both canine lovers, discuss the scientific value of “cuddliness” and Jono reveals the origin […]

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Practice Makes Worthless

The three Iversons cross-over the “10,000 hours” rule, revealing it is pure bologna! How talented you are determines your amount of practice, not the other way around. Jono hates piano practice so much he punched his bother in the face. Raj owes his cricket prowess to his Indian roots. Joe disagrees, claiming he¬†practiced his way […]

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Declaring Our Love for Taxes

The three tax evaders discuss the potential that people might actually LIKE taxes. Raj, an admitted tax cheat, prefers the UK system of taxation. Jono is a tax nerd who loves gaming the system to get a big refund, while Joe is a tax procrastinator who lives in constant fear of the IRS. Listen to […]

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Sleep No More…Or Less!

The somniferous semi-sextet discuss research showing that the optimal amount of sleep for survival is 7 hours, and 8 hours is as bad as getting 4. Jono (on 4hrs sleep) disputes this by being an irrational dick. Joe insists correlation equals causation and very scientifically backs this up with his personal case study. A well-rested […]

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