Ep. 5 – Fear and Present Danger

A study on mice leads the gang discusses the possibility of inheriting a specific fear from their parents. Joe’s fear of doors is finally explained, as is Jono’s aversion to bullets. Raj is terrified of spiders almost as much as scientific corrections once he admits there is a reconciliation of Darwinian and Lamarkian evolution. The […]

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Ep. 3 – Bowling for Ebola

In this episode, Joe is out of NY, presumably because of the recent arrival of Ebola in the city. The dream team still come together to discuss the original paper that described the Ebola outbreak in Guinea, which is now an outbreak in several countries in West Africa. We talk about whether Craig Spencer was […]

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Ep. 2 – Spanks for the Memories

With Minnesota Vikings star running back Adrian Peterson in the news for child abuse, the dream team looks at the scientific evidence on the impacts of spanking on children and discover findings that are slightly different than public perception and main stream psychology. We also discover the underlying cause of Jono’s anger problems… The paper: […]

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Ep. 1 – OMGod Particle!

This year, the Higgs Boson was discovered at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. The dream team discusses what in God’s name the God particle actually is and what it does, and what it means for us that we found it. Mostly, it involves us trying to decipher particle physics jargon and Raj explains how […]

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