Ep. 55 Octopus’s Garden Tools – Study shows Octopuses use tools (and Octopi is not a word)

The three cephalo-podcasters do a deep dive into the phenomenon that octopuses (not octopi) use tools. The eight-legged wonders don’t just accurately predict international soccer matches, they also collect coconut shells to hide in.  Raj thinks the octopus’s limitless potential makes them the modern white Americans of the sea. Jono finds similarities with the T-1000 […]

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Ep. 54 – Wood Craving

The hardwood trio break down the subject of converting cellulose into starch. To combat the impending food crisis, (imporverished) people in the near future may be eating trees.   Raj recalls the time he was duped into eating crickets, Jono explains the lengths he will go to eat steak, while Joe ate a milk carton […]

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Ep. 52 – Iron Chef: Chimp Edition

The three culinary primates prepare a recipe for evolution: chimps prefer their food cooked!  Raj explains how the cognitive capacity for cooking exists in primates, but we don’t want that technology in the wrong hands.  Jono pitches the Food Network a golden opportunity, and Joe is convinced monkeys were the original Prometheus and gave fire […]

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Ep. 51 – A $75,000 Smile

The three capitalist pigs pay forward the fact that money only buys emotional well being up to $75k. Of course, life satisfaction will cost you a little extra.  Raj explains the scientific basis for ‘Mo Money Mo Problems’, Jono shares a menu item with Warren Buffett, and Joe is passionate about suppressing the poor with […]

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Ep #47 – Punch Drunk Face

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.”  -Mike Tyson Get this through your thickened skull: human faces evolved to take a punch!  Human facial bone structure developed “protective buttressing” which is the wussiest way to describe the effects of fist fights.  The three podcast pansies discuss how they have never been […]

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