Ep. 57 Grand Old Party-Poopers (Conservatives are more negative / liberals are more…liberal)

The polls are in and the three podcast pundits spin some behavioral results that reveal conservatives are more negative than liberals. Brain studies show why conservatives are unempathetic scared-y cats who love puns.  Raj explains how right wing cavemen (not women) had an evolutionary advantage, Jono accuses vegans of being fascist, and Joe wants to […]

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The Photoelectric Slide

The podcast-wave duality discuss Einstein’s first big hit: the photoelectric effect (theory of relativity was his B-side). Raj believes that Einstein and Newton were only popular because they were “Particle Men”, Jono explains that photons (like the police) behave differently when being observed, and Joe finally gets to talk about the double-slit experiment that he […]

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It’s Not a Tumor! …Anymore

The pre-cancerous trio reveal that sometimes cancer can literally disappear up your own ass. Cancer is complicated, but Raj explains that *Spoiler Alert* healthy people live longer. Jono compares cancer treatments to Terminator movies, and Joe is no longer impressed with Lance Armstrong. Listen here. The Paper: “Spontaneous regression of colon cancer” (Kihara et al., […]

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Polar Ice Capped

The three fan boys (fans because we want to cool the Earth) discuss global warming, focusing on how the ice caps are melting. Joe feels helpless in trying to stop the impending doom of global warming, Jono is convinced that he has the smallest carbon footprint, and Raj proposes a freeze ray to stop glacier melting. […]

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The Fox into the Hound

The adorable litter of podcasters tells the story of a crazy Soviet scientist who domesticated foxes through selective breeding. Raj (consumate beta-male) lets fear guide his hatred of dogs, and proves himself to be the most unlikeable host. Joe and Jono, both canine lovers, discuss the scientific value of “cuddliness” and Jono reveals the origin […]

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Practice Makes Worthless

The three Iversons cross-over the “10,000 hours” rule, revealing it is pure bologna! How talented you are determines your amount of practice, not the other way around. Jono hates piano practice so much he punched his bother in the face. Raj owes his cricket prowess to his Indian roots. Joe disagrees, claiming he practiced his way […]

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