Ep. 49 – Sleepy Holograms

The three dimensions welcome back our favorite and only guest, Calla Coffield (Space.com) to throw shade on the theory that we live in a 2 dimensional hologram. Calla puts this finding in the proper perspective while Raj is working on a unified theory just to spite physicists.  Jono beams in as a hologram and Joe […]

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Ep #46 – Goldilocks and The Three Planets (Identification of Kepler 452B)

The three stargazers welcome their first guest and bonafide physics writer Calla Cofield (Space.com) to talk about the identification of earth-like planets 14,000 light years away.  Calla discusses Kepler 452b and its prospects as a habitable planet, Raj confesses he wrote angsty sci-fi short stories as a youth, Jono Skypes in from outer space to […]

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The Photoelectric Slide

The podcast-wave duality discuss Einstein’s first big hit: the photoelectric effect (theory of relativity was his B-side). Raj believes that Einstein and Newton were only popular because they were “Particle Men”, Jono explains that photons (like the police) behave differently when being observed, and Joe finally gets to talk about the double-slit experiment that he […]

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